Behind the Lens of Inspired Focus Photo & Design

I am Anna Rohrs, a photographer based in Cedar Falls, but also serving Waterloo, the greater Cedar Valley and throughout Iowa. I strive to approach my passion for photography with an innovative, authentic and captivating perspective. I enjoy the outdoors and try to take advantage of using natural light with my photography any time I can.

A few facts about me:

• I graduated from Grand View College with a Graphic Journalism major and Photography minor

• I currently work at my church Ascension Lutheran Church in Waterloo as a Youth & Worship Director

• I have a loving & supportive husband who I met in college who can watch sports all day (especially the Yankees) and enjoys playing ball himself when he gets the chance

• I have a smiley little guy at home who was born October of 2014 and it’s true what they say: “Your life will never be the same!” We can’t imagine life without him and he’s definitely been a blessing to have around. 🙂

How the photography journey began…

Throughout high school, I dabbled in photography during my time writing articles and being a sports editor for the Cedar Falls Tiger Hi-Line.

The summer before my freshman year of college was a defining moment in my photography journey, when I made a significant investment of $1,000 dollars on my very first camera. I knew if I was going to pursue a minor in photography, I’d need a decent camera, so I went with a canon digital rebel, thanks to the advice of my soon-to-be photography professor.

In college, I had a variety of opportunities to hone my photography skills, but one of my favorite semesters was having the chance to shadow a photographer with the Des Moines Register where I was able to see a photographer in action “in the real world”. I love photojournalism and I definitely think the experience taught me a lot, like working to find a creative approach even with a simple assignment.

Taking photos of people seemed to be an area I gravitated toward in college and I started taking on a few sessions here and there to build my portfolio. After charging next to nothing, I realized I had to take myself seriously as a professional if I wanted other people to do the same.

Making it legit…

I invested in better equipment, took all the necessary legal steps and put together a business plan to turn the hobby into a profession. I launched Inspired Focus Photography in 2010 with website, facebook page and all. I wanted to include graphic design in my business, so I changed the name to Inspired Focus Photo & Design in the Fall of 2011.

In December, 2011, my husband got a job in Waterloo, so we moved to the Cedar Valley from Des Moines. I grew up in Cedar Falls, so while I was happy to move back to my roots, I knew it would take some time to grow a new clientele base with my business and let people know I existed.

Continuing the growth…

I’ve learned a lot along the way and strive to keep growing as a photographer and business owner.

With my photography, I try to find a happy medium by capturing both traditional and candid-style images. I’m inspired by the beauty of God’s creation, the work of other professionals in the field and simply living in the moment, artistically capturing the world as I see it.

I love capturing people’s story, knowing that the images will provide some sweet memories they will be able to look back on for years down the road.

More facts about me… I enjoy:

• Adventures/traveling

• Being outside

• Bunny Tracks ICE CREAM [or frozen yogurt.. that works too…]

• CrossFit

• Biking

• Boating & waterskiing [wish I did that more often]

• Snow-skiing & snowboarding [still gotta convince my husband to try it out sometime]

• Being involved in ministry

• Survivor [tried out for the show once, actually, but the producers didn’t think I’d be conniving enough… haha-j/k. I didn’t make it past the 1st round though.]

• Playing piano & guitar

• Baking

• Local restaurants [Tony’s Pizza in Cedar Falls is probably my fave.]

• Coffee shops

• Sunsets [on the bucket list is photographing one in Hawaii]

To see me live, check out the video below.


This is me in action during an engagement session in Cedar Falls, IA including interviews from me and the couple. I wanted to provide people a visual idea of who they’re hiring with Inspired Focus Photo & Design and what goes on behind the lens.

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